Local Business Awards- VOTE NOW for Rouse Hill Medical Imaging

Rouse Hill Medical Imaging has been nominated for the 2018 Local Business Awards! 

The Local Business Awards is the most comprehensive business awards program covering a wide variety of industry categories. The categories in each region vary in order to recognise the industries in the specific business community, and we are proud to announce that Rouse Hill Medical Imaging has been nominated in the Health Improvement Service category!



Voting is NOW OPEN and closes on March 13, 2018

For further information regarding the services we provide at Rouse Hill Medical Imaging please contact us, or visit our website today!


Do you live in and around the Lakemba region and need to get to Campsie Medical Imaging for your next Medical Imaging appointment? 


Our 12 seater bus is free for our patients to use when needing to travel from Lakemba Medical Imaging to Campsie Medical Imaging and back for appointments which are not available in our Lakemba Practice.

Imaging such as MRI scans, DEXA bone scans, Nuclear Medicine Procedures and Nuchal Translucency Ultrasounds are specialised services which are available at our Campsie Medical Imaging and Specialist Nuclear Medicine Centre.

Please make an appointment with our friendly reception staff if you would like to use this personalised door-to-door service.

Meet Jenny, Our Wonderful Bus Driver

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You may have read the news recently about a case where a man was sucked into an MRI machine in India and it resulted in his death.

But how did this occur?

MRI units use strong magnetic fields and radio-frequency waves to create images. The magnetic field generated by the MRI scanner will attract objects containing ferromagnetic metals (iron, nickel, cobalt) with considerable force, and it is our job as MRI Technicians to ensure that you are danger free before entering the MRI room.

How are we ensuring that this kind of thing doesn’t happen in our MRI departments?

Questions, Questions and more Questions! At our sites where MRI is available, we give all of our MRI patient’s a questionnaire regarding not just their medical history, but also working history to ensure that all corners are covered. For more information about our MRI procedures and protocols please feel free to contact us and talk to any of our lovely staff.

Strathfield Medical Imaging unfortunately does not have an MRI department, however if you require an MRI scan, please refer to our sister sites to make a booking:

Auburn Medical Imaging

Campsie Medical Imaging

Norwest Medical Imaging

To hear more about the serious case which resulted in the death of a worker in India please visit – http://www.smh.com.au/world/indian-man-dies-after-being-trapped-in-mri-machine-20180129-h0qa5z.html

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Australia Day 2018

Strathfield Medical Imaging will be CLOSED on Friday 26th January 2018 and Saturday 27th January 2018 for the Australia Day Public Holiday.

– We will re open for all services on Monday 29th January 2018.

Baby Waves During Ultrasound

Mum and Dad to be, Lucy Bearley and Stuart Barrett got a shock at a recent ultrasound appointment when they witnessed and incredible moment live on screen.

The expectant parents from Thatcham, England, about 55 miles west of London, were at the doctor’s office for their baby’s 28-week scan.

During a 4D ultrasound, the baby turns his head to face mum and dad. He then gives a little wave. Now that’s a womb with a view!

Obstetric ultrasounds are common practice in medical imaging centres and are used to monitor the growth and development of a growing fetus. It is a very safe and accurate investigation of your unborn baby as ultrasound uses harmless high frequency inaudible sound waves to obtain images.

For the development of the growing embryo, multiple stages of ultrasound imaging are usually conducted throughout each trimester of the pregnancy. Continue reading